The California the probate code (Probate Code Section 10810) sets a statutory fee for attorneys and the Personal Representatives/Executors for the administration of an estate valued over $166,250. Higher fees can be ordered by a court in special circumstances and for more complicated cases. 

These fees are calculated based on the value of property that is subject to probate administration, including the fair market value of real estate, business interests, investments, bank accounts, and personal property. Other assets such as retirement accounts, and life insurance are generally not subject to probate administration.

Please use the calculator below to estimate Probate attorney’s fees and Personal Representative/Executor commissions for the administration of estates valued over $166,250, but less than $25,000,000. A reasonable amount is determined by the court for amounts above $25,000,000.

Other states, including Hawai’i, do not have statutory set fees and instead allows for a reasonable amount to be awarded to the Personal Representative/Executor and the probate attorney. 

*When inputting your estimate of the estate, please use numbers only. No $ and no commas.

Probate Calculator