Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to add value to every transaction: practical advice at a reasonable price. Clients want a significant return on their investments, and that includes investment in our legal services. We leverage technology to work faster and more efficiently.

Our goals are fewer billable hours; less disruption of your daily lives and your business; more engagement with clients; and more personal service to your specific legal needs. Whether it be legacy or business planning; litigation; or Trust or Probate administration; legal services need to start with the end goal in mind and work backward from that goal to achieve the objective.


Some firms choose to specialize in a single area of law.  Others try to provide all legal services.  At Cashman Law our vision is to serve our clients.  Our clients have assets or business interests in California or Hawai’i and need a trusted advisor to make informed decisions about their wealth, their risk, and their legacy. We maintain an active network of other professionals: fiduciaries, accountants, financial advisors, health care professionals, and other lawyers to make sure you get the most for your money.


At Cashman Law we create value through impeccable integrity,  steadfast competency, and goal oriented personal service.  These values are embodies in our firm logo. 

Creating Value – If we don’t believe we can create value for our clients in providing them legal services, we won’t take the matter. If we feel our clients can be better served by another attorney, or some of the services they need can be better provided by a non-attorney, we will let you know.   Whether it be resolution of a dispute, creation or expansion of a business, protection of your family or business legacy, like the green Block “C” at the center of our Logo, the centerpiece of our firm’s services is to add value. The color green is symbolic of growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, and safety. This is why you come to us: to advise and efficiently manage your legal affairs so you can focus your lives on what you do best.

Integrity – Few things in life are black and white. Integrity is one of them.  Our firm’s integrity begins with understanding our client’s interests and seeking creative and innovative ways to accomplish their goals. Integrity means being honest, truthful, and realistic about expectations and outcomes so our clients can make informed decisions.  When faced with the harder right over the easier wrong, our clients can trust we will be impeccable with our word and actions.

Competence – Like the cornerstone of a building, competence is the cornerstone of our legal services.  Many firms will trumpet their creativity or outside the box thinking.  Yet, championships are rarely won on the Hail Mary pass.  They are won by consistently doing the simple things well.   Solid, strong, steady competency is exemplified by the color gray.  Our approach is to provide practical, mature, reliable, cool headed counsel.  Legal issues can be emotionally triggering. Whether you are embroiled in a litigation dispute, dealing with emotionally charged estate planning or administration, or working through the challenges of business planning or succession, we seek to serve our clients with self- restraint and sophisticated elegance.

Personal Service – This Firm strives to be the gold standard in client service. We leverage technology and focus everything we do to give our clients the best personal service and experience. We love our work and as symbolic of the color gold, we approach it with passion, compassion, courage, wisdom, and love.  We operate on clear communications with our client, not boiler plate assumptions about what we think they need. Unlike other firms which may offer cookie cutter solutions to situations, we gather the facts and listen carefully to you to find the best solutions that fit your goals.